Quality Control and Management


Mayerton is certified to internationally-recognised standards including ISO9001-2015 and ISO14001:2015.

Mayerton manufactures consistently high quality refractories and strives for continuous improvement. Conscious of performing on a global stage, we adhere to the principles laid out in Total Quality Management. That means we don’t just meet the requirements of EN ISO9001:2015, we aim to do better.

Quality assurance is essential to all our activities, because we know that to succeed we need to maintain the highest standards. Each Mayerton employee is engaged in a continuous process of quality assessment and improvement which our management is committed to bettering our business operation, updating processes and innovating our technology. When we make an improvement, we make it permanent!


At our facilities, a team of engineers and technicians analyse materials throughout the production process. Physical and chemical analysis is performed in our fully equipped and certified test and research facility with advanced equipment including an analytical X-ray system, HMOR, CCS, MOR ox testing, slag tester, abrasion tester, laser particle sizer, thermal conductivity, dilatometer and differential thermograph.