We can develop and deliver products, solutions and services tailored for a customer’s individual needs. We manufacture and supply refractory materials for the most stringent applications including blast furnaces, torpedos, hot metal ladles, converters, electric arc furnaces, casting ladles, degassers and tundishes. Our team of experts drive to achieve “performance in every shape we make” from selecting raw materials and blending recipes to designing configurations and supervising installations.



News Updates

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Investing In The Future

Mayertons manufacturing facilities in China, established in Dashiqiao and fitted with the very latest equipment, capable of meeting the growing worldwide demand for our refractories.

High Quality Products

Mayerton is totally committed to supplying its customers with the best possible refractories. Sourced from high quality raw materials come our comprehensive range of carbon bonded refractory products that include basic bricks – Magnesia Carbon, Alumina Magnesia Carbon and Alumino Silicate Carbon, plus Monolithic Masses and specialist Alumina Preshapes. All made to the highest quality, and to be consistently reliable in the toughest industrial applications within the iron, steel and non-ferrous industries.