Aluminium Industry

Aluminium Industry

Mayerton supplies lining materials for gas and electric melting furnaces both in the primary and secondary aluminium industries. Products include:

Bricks: Carbon block; 70% & 80% high-alumina brick. Monolithics: carbon ramming masses; dry barrier mixes; plastic masses; 70 & 80% high-alumina castables gunning mass. Precast and Equipment: Anchor articles: Silicate-calcium plates; Silicon-carbide plates.


Keeping up to date with trends in melting furnace linings, Mayerton develops high resistant monolithic materials for cathode working areas as well as selecting materials to preserve heat in bath furnace areas.

The choice of materials offer good thermal insulation characteristics and solid resistance to temperature changes.

Design Solutions

At Mayerton, we constantly strive to technically advance our refractory lining designs, in conjunction with new material developments. Applications such as ladles, converters, electric arc furnaces, blast furnaces, torpedos, degassers and tundish, all benefit from our lining concepts. Such innovations play a critical role in optimising lining life expectancy, availability, and specific costs. This in turn helps our customers to be more competitive in the production of iron, steel and non-ferrous metals.  For more information contact: