We achieved our market position with high performing products offered at cost effective prices.

We provide a vast range of refractory products with a team of technical specialists and access to an abundance of the highest quality raw materials.


Bricks are formed using presses or moulds. For example: Alumina Magnesia Carbon (AMC), Alumina Silica Carbon (ASC), Dolomite (DOLO), Fired Brick (FB), Fired Magnesia (FM), High Alumina (HA), Hearth (HH), Hollow Ware (HW), Magnesia Alumina Carbon (MAC), Magnesia Carbon (MC), Magnesia Chrome (MCH) and Magnesia Lime (ML).
magnesiaaluminacarbon.png magnesiaaluminacarbon.png magnesiaaluminacarbon.png
Magnesia Carbon Magnesia Alumina Carbon Alumina Magnesia Carbon Alumina Silica Carbon
Fired Magnesia Magnesia Chrome High Alumina
Refractories are produced in various standard shapes and sizes.
Arch Key Straight



Monolithics (unshaped masses), include basic and alumina masses, are produced by mixing powdered raw materials together with a wetting agent or binder. Unshaped masses are usually classified according to the method of installation, for example, castables are cast, rammables are rammed, spray materials are sprayed.


Collector & Upper Nozzles Well Block
A range of materials and designs are available within the Mayerton product portfolio. We are able to tailor refractory materials and designs to suit customers’ individual requirements. A range of materials and designs is available within the Mayerton product portfolio. We are able to tailor refractory materials and designs to suit customers’ individual requirements.
Porous Plug & Porous Plug Block Multi-Hole Tuyere Blocks (EAF & BOF)
Mayerton provides a complete range of systems for all of the steelmakers’ purging requirements. Numerous designs are available based around high purity refractory materials. Both multi porosity and direct porosity designs are available to suit your particular customer requirements, with precisely formed slot/channel for the optimum gas flow rates and stirring efficiency

Large crystal magnesia and high purity large flake graphite are normally iso-pressed. The tuyeres can be slotted, single hole or multi-hole.



Slide Gate Plates BOF Taphole
Mayerton supports the customer in flow control offering a range of ladle slide gate products. We have a wide range of refractory materials for achieving consistent and reliable high performance in all areas of slide gate applications. Balanced refractory life of plates, nozzles and well blocks enables a cost-effective operation

High purity magnesia carbon based tap hole tubes pressed by high capacity presses. They have a high bulk density, low apparent porosity, high erosion resistance and high performance. They are easy to install and replace on site.



Ladle Shrouds Submerged Entry Nozzle & Stoppers
Ladle Shroud is a ceramic tube manufactured from isostatically pressed alumina graphite. It is custom designed for immediate connection to the Ladle Slide Gate Nozzle, gives maximum protection of the steel stream against oxidation from the atmosphere and minimizes steel splashing.

Sub-Entry Nozzle (SEN) is a one-piece ceramic tube. The ceramic tube is isostatically pressed alumina graphite and is custom designed to meet customer requirements. The SEN prevents re-oxidation by shrouding the steel stream and is custom designed to distribute steel in a controlled manner. When combined with the Tundish Stopper it will give consistent steel pouring control for all steel compositions and casting conditions. The isostatically pressed SEN is designed to last for the casting period required by the customer.