Precast refractories are manufactured by casting into moulds.


Precast refractories are manufactured by casting into moulds. Such refractories come in varying geometries and grades, from small-sized products such as burner tiles, sleeves, and guide tubes to large-sized products such as blocks.

They are used when demanding requirements, such as low volume porosity, high bulk specific gravity and high strength must be met. They are also used when it is difficult to install unshaped refractories on site, or when curtailed construction times are desired.


Precast Roof Delta

Corundum based pre-cast block with long performance in High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency EAF Roof. It has good resistance to erosion, thermal shock and spalling.

Porous Plug

Mayerton provides a complete range of systems for all of the steelmakers’ purging requirements. Numerous designs are available based around high purity refractory materials. Both multi porosity and direct porosity designs are available to suit your particular customer requirements, with precisely formed slot/channel for the optimum gas flow rates and stirring efficiency

Well Block and Porous Plug Block

A range of materials and designs is available within the Mayerton product portfolio. We are able to tailor refractory materials and designs to suit customers’ individual requirements.

Impact Pad

We can provide a range of high alumina and alumina magnesia spinel castables capable of meeting stringent requirements for impact pads and lip rings.